Training Lifting Gear Examination Indonesia

Purpose: This course is designed for users of lifting gear and those involved in the inspection or statutory examination of lifting gear in service and those whom involved with lifting gear, including rigging consultants. By end of training participants are expected to know law/regulations on lifting gear, know how to do lifting gear inspection, confirmed it’s validity of use .

Pre-requisite: Participant hold Rigging/Slinging certificate and previous experience in lifting gear would be recommended.

Course Content:

  •  Definitions
  •  Regulations and Standards apply
  •  Legal Requirements (Health & Safety at Work Act), PUWER, LOLER, European Directives, Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations.
  •  Statutory Certificates & Reporting
  •  Principles for Selection of Lifting Gear (General)
  •  Marking, Storage & Handling (General)
  •  In-Service inspections (general)
  •  Materials used in lifting gear
  •  Force influences in lifting gear
  •  Inspection of lifting gear – demo, sampling of wear lifting equipment

Certification: Barron International will issue Certificate of Training in Intermediate Rigging/Slinging for successful participants

Duration: 2 days

Method of Training: Training will be carried out in accordance with the code of practice for the safe use of lifting equipment. It includes a number of short written confirmation tests and a performance assessment.

Maximum Participants: 12 persons

Barron International provides training lifting gear examination Indonesia. Expected participants are any rigger who is willing to be certified as according to Kemenaker Indonesia.