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Barron International Safety Training Indonesia

Purpose: The aim of this training is to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enter confined spaces. It also provides candidates with knowledge on the regulation apply (OHSA 29 CFR 1910.146).

Pre Requesite: There are no pre requisites for this course.

Course Content:

  •  Legislation of Confined Space
  •  What is Confined Space?
  •  Hazards of confined space
  •  Permit required for confined space
  •  Gas detector, atmosphere testing
  •  Entering confined space
  •  Rescue techniques
  •  Post check after confined space work

Certification: BARRON International will issue certificate of training in Confined Space Entry for successful delegates / participants

Duration: 1 day

Method of Training: Theory session in classroom and followed by practical assessment, which will require access to scaffolding practical training area.

Maximum participants: 12 persons

Barron International Safety Training Indonesia