Purpose: This training is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely at heights suitable for those working in the mining and resources industry, and the building and construction industry. Outcomes: As a result of attending this course, participants will:

  •  Gain knowledge of OHS, legislation relating to working at heights
  •  Able to identify and control hazards
  •  Understand job planning and resources required, access and egress; fall arrest systems and PPE
  •  Work confidently and competently at heights

Pre requisites: There are no pre requisites for this course Course Content:

  •  Planning on working at heights
  •  Basic safety when working at heights
  •  Mechanical plant for supporting personnel
  •  Safety when working on roofs
  •  Safety mesh & safety nets
  •  Fall protection systems/safety harness
  •  Other areas to consider

Certification: Barron International will issue Certificate of Training in Working At Heights Safety for successful participants

Duration: 1 day

Method of Training: Training will be carried out in accordance with the code of practice for working safely at heights, closed by written assessments.

Maximum Participants: 12 persons